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Paddle boarding 101

So, you've seen others doing it, or maybe you have tried it once or twice... great! Hopefully you enjoyed yourself enough to where you want to get more experience with what the sport has to offer.

Whether you are using it for exercise, exploration, adventure, fishing, strength training, yoga, or personal relaxation, paddle boards offer a wide variety of opportunities for you to grow into the sport, and within yourself.

As with other forms of vehicles of recreational movement (ie. bicycles, rollerblades, kayaks, surfboards) paddleboards have their own differences when it comes to size and shape. Each board is a little different in what they can provide for the user. For example, mountain bike vs. road bike. You wouldn't take a road bike down a wooded trail. Same goes for paddleboards. It would be unwise to take a board made for flatwater out in the ocean!

Most of the paddleboading done here in Michigan is called "flatwater". These would be small lakes and bodies of water where the chop doesn't get above 1'. Balancing and glide are typically easier upon these types of water. For the beginner, this is the easiest way to learn and become comfortable on a board.

All of our tours and classes are held on flatwater. We keep things as safe as possible, always using a PFD and ankle strap to ensure safety. This practice should always be followed. Even those who think they are comfortable on the water can panic if they were to fall in.

As you grow with the sport, paddleboards can be used on larger bodies of water (lakes, oceans) and also rivers. Both of these environments offer new challenges for the rider. Specific design on the boards make for easier rides in these conditions.

Our demo events and classes provide a great way for you to try out some different styles of boards to see what you think is best. We offer both hard boards and also inflatables. Both types of boards have their advantages and disadvantages based on the type of riding you want to accomplish. We will have more information to come in the following days.

Thanks for reading, please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or any other thoughts on our blog!

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